Love Wild is…

Love Wild is…

wind in your hair

spontaneous kisses

sand between your toes

snuggling in the morning

sharing a cup of coffee

hiking the trail together

dancing in the rain

relaxing in the sunshine

dreaming big

the smallest details

exploring the forest

running through a field


laughing loud

holding hands

pulling in close

walking barefoot

the quiet moments

Intentional. Natural. Real.


Love Wild Photography a creative husband + wife team. We live in a 360 ft tiny house with our scruffy dog. We appreciate things that are minimal, natural, real, and a little bit wild. We carry that into our photography. Some of our favorite wedding moments are the things you can’t control – wind sweeping through your veil, tears and laughter during the sweet moments. We see through different lenses (literally) and strive to create art that captures your love story.

You are Love Wild if…  you love with abandon. You know there is beauty in being yourself. You enjoy the wind in your hair, the smell of rain, the sound of waves, and walking barefoot. You know that your partner is your forever, and that the future is full of kindness, laughter, and real everyday love.

“What we find in a soulmate is not someone to tame, but rather someone to run with.”

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