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Our Approach

Our Approach

Every couple has an authentic love. Our goal is to give you art that makes you feel. Your images will have movement, emotion, and beauty. It may not be traditional, it may even be a bit messy, but your photos will be totally you. That is the kind of love we want to capture and the stories we want to tell. Real, natural, and a little bit wild.

Our Story

Our Story

Photography has always been a part of our love story, beginning as photo dates back in high school. We tried the white picket fence life at first, but it never felt like us. In 2014 we moved into a tiny house with our scruffy little dog, began our wedding photography business, and never looked back.

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Meet the Team

When you select Love Wild Photography, you are working with Amanda + Jason, an awesomely dynamic husband and wife photography team. We don't really have a typical relationship of primary and secondary photographers. Working as individual artists, you get dual coverage of your entire event from two people who see the world through different lenses (literally!).

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You could spend a lifetime counting my freckles.

My favorite food is potatoes... french fries, baked, mashed, it's all good!

I am constantly listening to music, but have a fairly eclectic taste. Pandora accepts me for who I am.

I love that my name has 6 letters so I can write it with every color of the rainbow.

My hair can't decide whether it is straight or curly.

I cannot keep a plant alive, ever. All our houseplants are fake.

As cliche as it is, my husband Jason is my best friend.

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My brain is filled with random facts and knowledge that I may never use.

My other job is as a master woodworker, I'm literally obsessed with making things.

Once a week I geek out with my friends while playing Dungeons & Dragons.

I am a serial internet researcher; Wikipedia, Google, and I are tight.

When I started taking pictures, my camera was older than myself and used film!

I could probably eat pizza every day of my life.

If I am feeling down, Amanda can always make me laugh, no matter what.

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